Thursday, November 10, 2016


Just a couple of deathwatch guys i was working on a while back... Was attempting to paint black without using black i think they turned out alright... If not a little more grey than black

Monday, April 28, 2014

About Time

So after a long (and I mean long) hiatus I have started painting again! Which means that I am also going to be making regular posts on this blog again. I haven't done much more on the Raptors I was working on previously but I will post some other minis I have finished/nearly finished and some WIP of some Raptors I have been working on so expect to be hearing more from me much more regularly

So I have had a bit of a fetish for inquisition at the moment so I have painted a few models which i intend to use as part of an Inquisitor warband... This guy may well end up as the inquisitor but im thinking he could make a good priest.

This girl needs a bit more work but I was considering using her as a Death Cult Assassin 
and finally after a bit of touch up I think this girl will make a good Mystic. I am really not happy with the flesh and her face looks like its been painted on with homers automatic makeup machine on whore setting
and some WIP Raptors 


Friday, April 29, 2011

Other Shots

Red commented asking to see some other angle shots of the jeeps I have so while I was posting I thought I would pop them on now so here ya go (didnt get round to painting them)


Okay so things have been a little hectic here of late so the project has been put on the backburner... I will be moving to Brighton, England some time in the next 2 months to go and live with some of my relatives and see what the world has to offer...  

As a result I now have a little over a month to get a workable, compact army built and fully painted for me to take away with me i was thinking 1500 pts is probably a good amount to work at. It should fit in the 1 case and will be versatile enough for me to be able to change the army around if I need to...

I am looking at lists that take advantage of what I already have built so that I dont have to rebuy very much

All these lists are working on the assumption that like here the guys in the UK arent big fans of using the IA Supplements in games if its not such a big deal i'll probably just finish off my Badab War army and just stick to a similar list to what I was already looking at 

The first list I was looking at is something like this...

Master of the Forge - Conversion Beamer

3x10 scout squads Camo cloaks Missile launcher Power fist 4 shotguns and 4 sniper rifles in 2 squad 4 bolters and 4 sniper rifles in the third

2x Landspeeder Storms with multimelta's 

6x Scout Bikes Power fist 3x astartes grenade launcher 

1x Thunderfire Cannon 

3x Dreadnoughts Missile Launcher 

2nd List is something like this

Captain - Power Fist 

Command squad 4 x plasma guns 
3x10 Scout Squad Missile Launcher Power Fist 

3x Landspeeder Storm - Multimelta 

2x 5 Devastator squad 4 Missile Launcher 

2x Razorback TL Lascannon 

List 3 is something like this

Shadow Captain Shrike 

Command Squad - Power Weapon Power Fist Thunderhammer Storm shield 

3x 10 Scouts Missile Launcher Power Fist 4 Shotgun 4 Sniper Rifle 

2x 7 Scout Bike Squad Power Fist 3x Astartes Grenade Launcher 

Ironclad Dreadnought in Drop Pod 

These are just a rough start any kind of comments or criticism are welcome im not sure what the metagame is over there I can imagine its much like here with vehicles being extremely popular so any advice there would be helfpul

Friday, April 15, 2011

Something Different

So i got back some models from a mate who was painting them (he didn't quite finish them up) and thought i would put up some pictures. It is a heavily converted scout squad and 2 Storm Jeeps i was working on before the Badab campaign began.... 

Thursday, March 31, 2011

First Game

Just finished the first game for the league went a lot better than I was expecting. 125 pt kill teams.
My list was:
5 scouts with camo cloaks
a missile launcher with relentless
a combi melta and power weapon on the sergeant with feel no pain
one scout with a bolter and furious charge
2 with sniper rifles.

Opponent was playing Dark eldar his list was:
3 Reavers
Heat lance on one
Power weapon + Cluster Caltrops on the sybarite with stealth

Not sure what other USR's the rest had. I lost to the leadership saves after losing 3 guys i had killed 2 of his jetbikes but the leader survived and hid out till I failed my leadership not much I could do about it. I was pretty happy it came down to who failed their leadership saves first I was expecting it to be a lot more one sided. Let me just add that bladevanes + cluster caltrops in kill teams are ridiculous. Getting to hit people whilst moving 36" a turn and getting a 3+ cover save for your troubles is completely rude.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Better pics

Finally got a chance to sit down with the digital camera and take a few better photos of where I am up to

Nearly got the squad to a point where I am happy with them just a little bit of touch up work to be done and then ill post up pictures of the entire squad
I am quite happy with how the bases have turned out. Part 5 of the league is to make a display board for the army so I am going to try and stick to the same look. Ill go to a cheapo shop somewhere and try to pick up some small ornaments and the like with faces on them to smash up and use as basing and get some fish tank plants which should do the trick